Buittle History Page

Buittle Church: List of Ministers in present church.

1808-1847:    Rev Alexander Crosbie 
1845-1889:    Rev James Robb Grant 
1889-1907:    Rev R T Tarbet 
1907-1917:    Rev John Davis 
1918-1936:    Rev J M Haddow 
1936 1940:    Rev D Lyndesday Smith 
1941-1951:    Rev J G K Brotherton 
1952-1952:    Rev Campbell Gillon 
1958-1965:    Rev R T Hassel 
1966-1977:    Rev Edward R Marr

Thereafter the parish was linked with Kelton and united in 1983.

History of Buittle Church 
If you are interested in the history having read the following page, more can be found in Rev E R Marr’s "The Story of Buittle Parish Church".

The ruins of the old church stand in the graveyard. It was replaced by the present church in 1819.

The congregation said a fond farewell to Buittle church on Sunday July11th 2010.

At the Thanksgiving Service, the Rev. Bill Hogg (acting Presbytery Clerk) read the following poem written in 1922.

In Nature's charms embosomed,
'Mid sylvan solitudes,
Where peacewith folded pinions
In contemptation broods;
Where winds the rough hill pathway
Which countless feet have trod
Of long gone generations, 
Here is the House of God.

No temple high and stately,
With carven gems bedight,
No long-drawn aisles embroidered
In dim religious light;
But just a sign all lowly
Where wearied feet that pressed
The via dolorosa
May enter and find rest.

There is a soothing stillness
Within these sacred walls,
And from the Mullioned casement
The voice of duty calls,
Of those the young and hopeful,
All girded for the fight
Who died with hearts undaunted
In the cause of Truth and Right.

And o'er the quiet God's acre,
And o'er the Sacred Well,
Do still the spirits hover
Of saintly Colmanell,
Of Devorgilla and Ninian,
And countless spirits bright,
Who hold through all the ages
Aloft the Lamp of Light.

Do still their spirits hover,
A cloud of witnesses
Unseen, but ever present,
To guard and guide and bless;
Which knowing, we their children
From darkest errors free, 
Of our most precious heritage
May not unworthy be. 

There is to Buittle's children
No spot on earth more dear,
For their most treasured memories
Are gathered safely here.
And here, when all the fever
And fret of life are past, 
They too shall make the journey
And find sweet peace at last.   John King

The usual tasty homebaking was served after the service.